No Plan B

On Friday I have lunch with this person and dinner with that person. Then on Saturday, I am going out of town for a birthday party. More lunch plans come Sunday after church. Then, on Monday, I need to start packing my room in a way that I can unpack my stuff in an orderly, highly efficient fashion. I need to plan that well. I already have a list of people I need to consistently have meals with this upcoming semester. Along with that list is the list of people I need to keep tracking with who do not go to Baylor. I have to plan time for phone calls and facetime with all 50 of them. I have a list of schools and their average LSAT scores, so I can best plan out my future and be successful. I also need to begin figuring out where I am going to land once law school is over, so I have a plan.

One of the major themes of summer 2017 was plans. God kind of wrecked mine. It was the best. Okay, but really, plans have been a major theme of my entire life. I like to know what is next, so I can prepare myself. My favorite verse for years has been Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our PLANS, but the Lord determines our steps”. I seem to have my future figured out. I am a planner.

On the subject of careers, I continue to get a clearer view of what I need to be doing as my days turn to weeks to months to years. My passions (both the things I enjoy doing and the things that make me angry (passionate)) match up quite well to this ideal career path I have fabricated in my head. God and I have talked about it, so far He has blessed it. I would like to think I would give up my dreams to dream bigger with God, but I am not so sure how that would actually go down. I would probably be reluctant, I might throw a fit or two, then I would probably hesitantly let God change my path. I mean personally, I do not have a clear plan B if law school does not work out. Let me get honest with you, I would be a lump in my bed for weeks if what I think I am supposed to do does not happen. Yet, eventually, I know myself enough to believe I would get to a place of trusting God in that.

All of this planning stressed me out a little bit, but it also got me thinking. God did not have a plan B for the world. He had one plan. He decided to send His only son to die for your sins and mine that we might choose to follow Christ’s example and live with Him for eternity. ONE PLAN. God has one plan to save the world in the modern-day. He wants us, the broken, messed up humans we are, to take the story of Jesus as far as we possibly can. ONE PLAN. Can you believe we are God’s plan A, and He has no plan B? My mom barely trusts me to remember to put the milk back in the fridge. God trusts us with the eternal fate of the entire world…

In recent days, I have been focusing so hard on setting my mind on eternity (it makes for a more joyful Emilee). You know what? In the spiritual sense, I am lacking a plan B as well. I am going to follow Jesus relentlessly. If that means I get a rockstar husband, a few beautiful kids, and a career I wake up excited about, awesome! If I am without those things when I go to the grave, I will be just as content (okay, I am still working on being just as content). One of my more recent favorite verses is Philippians 3:8

I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…

I hope in my heart of hearts that I value Christ the same way Paul expresses to the Philippian men and women. My greatest plan is to follow my Jesus as far as He will take me. If I end up at the places I go to in my day dreams today, I will rejoice that I trusted God to step into His not-so coincidences. If I am elsewhere, I will rejoice that God’s dreams for my life are always so much greater than my own.

Who knows, I could be living in Africa 5 years from now. If I have God, any plan will be enough. God is enough.


Christ Jesus,

When we get caught up in our worries about the present or our anxieties about the unknown of our future, may our hearts wander back to your Truth. We long to be in your presence and experience peace and comfort like only you can provide. Lord Jesus, it is so Good to live in relationship with You and have You as my plan A and my only plan. Thank you for making me your plan A as well. I gladly take on the task. Thank you for pursuing me even on the days when I am not worth pursuing. Thank you for your mercy and grace when I fail to glorify you. God, help me love others like you love them. Give me strength, courage, and boldness as I obey the things you have called me to do today, tomorrow, and in the future. God, I know I can rest in you when I feel weak, scared, or worried.

I love you Jesus,




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